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Wanderhoof Online
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Welcome to Clan Wanderhoof!

Clan Wanderhoof is a tauren-based/themed guild on the Moon Guard server in the World of Warcraft online game.  We are ostensibly a role-playing guild, but we have members who enjoy all aspects of the game - from PvE to PvP, from RP to levelling, from dailies to raids.

We absolutely love promoting RP play, and work to meld our own gulid lore with the lore provided in the Warcraft universe.  With members of various ages and backgrounds, we are happily building an online family of friends that come together to enjoy gaming and camaraderie!

Be welcome here.
Other Guild News

Refocusing and Reinvigorating the Wanderhoof

BethraWanderhoof, Apr 22, 10 12:14 PM.
Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that Clan Wanderhoof has been around for two years now.  I know many a small guild has come and gone in that time, so it is a matter of pride for myself that Clan Wanderhoof is still around and that we still have interested members.

That being said, things have been slow for the guild.  For my part, I must apologize for a lack of events and updates over the most recent months.  In general, I have noticed many of our members playing alternate characters away from the guild, leaving WoW for extended periods due to family or school, or even simply disappearing with a bit of mystery.  Everyone must find their own way, and I begrudge no one these things.  However, dwindling participation can be the death of a guild.

With that in mind, I am looking to start recruiting new members.  Again.  In addition to keeping current members active and interested, it is just a necessary part of guild life to bring in new members with fresh ideas and fresh excitement.

Going forward with recruitment, and with some restructuring as well, I want to lay down some clear expectations I have for our guild and for our members.

First, promotions come with participation.  In the past, I have allowed for fairly casual participation to still be rewarded with promotion up through the guild ranks.  This will no longer be the case.  You, the members, are the lifeblood of this guild.  And if you are not present and participating, the guild suffers.  I truly want dedicated players who look forward to and are excited about playing together, leveling together, RPing together, and doing end game content together, such as heroics and raids.

Secondly, for those interested in being an officer, you will have to show a dedication to playing in Clan Wanderhoof with your Clan Wanderhoof characters as a priority over other guild memberships and play with alternate characters.  This is not to say you can have other things going on the side, and it certainly isn't meant to ruin anyone's fun.  However, there is a need for active and committed leadership within Clan Wanderhoof at the officer level.  This means recruitment, organizing events, resolving member needs and issues, and being available to author articles for the guild website and respond to player posts as needed.

Finally, I would like to stress that we have a guild website and it is woefully underutilized.  We have forums that members can post stories in, share news, read up on lore, and even just share some random chat in.  We have a calendar for scheduling events.  We even have the ability to share screen shots and artwork through our gallery.  Going forward, a certain level of participation in the guild website is going to be expected, especially for those members seeking promotion.

Some members may see this news as all a bit of a kick in tail section.  I do want to stress that everything is being done and thought about that can make sure we have a thriving guild that is fun to belong to and participate in.  I will admit to being a bit of a hard nose (muzzle?) about some of these issues.  But, I must apologize, because I think some of my casual expectations in the past led to a guild that lacked focus and thus interest level.  I want that interest level, and I want that excitement.  Hopefully, adding some structure and some goals regarding participation will be one step in many towards that end.

Thanks for listening, and see you in the game!
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